The story of a cheap David Baddiel look-a-like

One small town boy,try's to look through the gates of life and finds out things are not quite what they seem...


A Beautiful Poem about Hull - By Violet-Finn Blackstaff


The Place I Dared To Take My Voice

“It’s not Hull, it ‘ull”
My Yorkshirian English teacher said,
When I smilingly told him where I would study his subject.
So I honoured you with my thoughts, Sir,
When we turned to Tony Harrison.
Let his accent-driven art occupy my mind,
And for a time I…


White Noise


Amy was wearing her favourite blue shirt

but most importantly unironed.

It was the 21st of a certain month
in modern environment, the month is ambiguous.

Her boyfriend was devoted to her

A Poem - Feeling shitty (the night before)

i woke up to a voice inside my head screaming.
but failed to notice it due to the fact that for the past few hours i had been dreaming of you.
and at a bit of a loss i struggle to figure out where i am, how i got here?
you gave me coffee, your face said it all.
suddenly i remember feeling very small.
the reality was the dream …was just a dream and my memory was as lost as me.

i try not to make excuses when i am a dick, but i think sometimes you have to realize you are the excuse. you let yourself go. hovering over everyone like a balloon slowly rising from the fair ground watching over the spoilt kid that foolishly let it float away.
except i let myself go.

I am the crying child.

and all i want is your hand to pull me back to earth, but i am afraid that i am to high up now for you to see my worth.


A poem about dyslexia


The thoughts hit my head like a random drop of water on a dry day, was that bird shit?
Check, check again, just in case.
Does a comma go there?
Sentences filled with squiggly red lines, an impending failure seeping up from the bottom of the page, as if the measure of my intelligence can be…

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A poem - Her sleeping.
The way she sleeps, makes dark creep out. From night as pours in skin, my soul removed, to hover over and observe the moments in which I find peace.
I kiss her head, as eyelids flutter, her dreams She flashes through, the smell of her hair. Her eyes hidden, she dreams of a future.
And I find comfort, knowing that as I hold her rising breaths against the beat of her heart. The dream she holds away from light, I go to. The future is ours.
And I agree dreaming just the same.

Spoken word - The Pub Corner Poets - Stephen Lim - "I Am The Patient" - YouTube

it’s #spokenWordSunday and to celebrate we have a brand new original poem from our feature artist Stephen Lim.

Although he originally hails from the town of Bolton, poet Stephen Lim considers the city Hull - where he is currently a stressed out third year studying Drama and Theatre Practice - his second hometown.

Initially seeking a career as an actor, Stephen has recently ventured into the worlds of stand up comedy and performance poetry, both of which he is absolutely loving.

Stephen is also a long-term patient of Chronic Kidney Disease, and so, was honoured to be asked (in June 2013) to write a poem for the launch of an online patient network for young adult patients living with CKD. The result was his first original work, ‘I am the patient’.

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